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3 Future Technology Careers

3 Future Technology Careers

With the current rate of advances in technology and automation there is going to be an upsurge in some specialist jobs in the future. Some of these are already beginning to emerge as new careers, but most rely on current careers upskilling with knowledge available from online resources or specialist courses. In the future these careers will become part of the general vocational and academic curriculums, as with traditional careers.

1. Digital Locksmith

With digital locks becoming more and more popular, in the near future digital locksmith’s, who are experts in dealing with digital locks, will start to be employed. Their primary function will be to get people out of locked cars or into their homes when the smart digital locking technology fails. Since no technology is 100 percent perfect (there will always be defects), digital locksmiths will be on hand to fix these issues. Traditional locksmiths will be most likely to transition their current skill sets to fill the needs of this industry.

2. Electric Vehicle Mechanic

With the increasing sales and adoption of electric vehicles, and government plans to phase out sales of fossil fuelled cars by 2030, Electric Vehicles will become the norm. This will lead to lower demand for traditional vehicle mechanics. Most of the Electric Vehicle Mechanics operate out of the main dealerships, and specialist garages. In the not too distant future there will be a surge in private Electric Vehicle garages. Once the current rules elapse about repairs only being done by the manufacturer i.e. with Apple/Mobile Phone Products recently, it will be an interesting transition to watch. 

3. Robot Operators

With advancements in this area moving extremely quickly, Boston Dynamics and other research labs are predicting early adoption of this type of technology to become more mainstream. Most robot technology is currently deployed in manufacturing and the military, with drones and remote communications deployment. These currently use specialist-trained operators. Once we see more robot technology moving into more general commercial and personal use, there will need to be an army of robot operators to keep things running smoothly.

Technology has and continues to change the world on a daily basis. With innovation at an all-time high and exponential growth of technology, in 10 years, the world will be a completely different place. There are many uses of technology, convenience, entertainment, efficiency, cost savings, etc. With thousands of products and fields undergoing a technological makeover due to start-up companies making better products, processes and services, there needs to be experts in those fields.

Written by Kyle L
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