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5 Benefits from having an Electric Vehicle Charger Installed

5 Benefits from having an Electric Vehicle Charger Installed

Trading up to an electric vehicle is a great decision. EVs are far better compared to petrol-run vehicles. It’s good for the environment, economical, and easy to maintain. The problem with EV's is access to charging. With early adoption there isn't the charging infrastructure in most countries to keep up with demand for EV Charging.

As the Electric Vehicle market grows it will be a better decision to have an EV Charging point at Home. There are several reasons to get a home charge installed here are the main five.

1. It's Cheaper

After covering the cost of installation, electric bill charging costs will be cheaper compared to payments in public charging stations. It also provides real time data of energy use, this can support business users when looking at tax claims. There are also smart solar charging stations that utilise excess solar power when scheduled.

2. It's Faster. 

Getting a 7kW charge point installed can charge your electric vehicle twice as fast as most commercial charging stations. There are rapid chargers available, but they are expensive to use. You can also get charging points installed which charge at much faster rates too, with the 22kW Charging point able to fully charge a Model 3 Tesla in under 4hrs.

3. It's Convenience

Having an electric car charger gives control of when to charge. There is no need to rely on public charging stations. This ends the countless days and wasted hours in lining up and waiting for the EV to be charged. Just plug in the EV to the charger and focus on other things to be done. Also you can charge your vehicle overnight at your home, which means you can pay even less as the electricity rates can be lower at night, subject to your energy tariff.

4. Increased Property Value

There is a lot of debate on this subject, it is thought that an electric charge point installed in your home should increase its value, like having a second bathroom or access to local amenities. Regardless of the financial value, homes with charge points included would surely be on the wish list for home buyers and tenants. Having a charge point is certainly an increasing selling point as electric vehicles become more popular.

5. Charge Point Compatibility

Most home EV chargers are compatible with a wide array of EV car manufacturers. This is good just in case another EV from a different manufacturer comes to stay or you change your vehicle make/model. This removes the need for queueing, or having to find a compatible public charging point which may be busier than your usual one.

Having an EV Charge Point installed is a great idea with lots of advantages. The initial cost is far outweighed by the benefits once installed and used on a regular basis.

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Written by Kyle L
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